Screenwriting Work and Accolades

Killing Jar - Feature, psychological thriller

After her mother’s abrupt death, an obsessive insect researcher thrown into a confusing web of family lies and secrets decides to undertake her own forensic entomology investigation to uncover the truth.

  • Winner: 2023 Alfred P. Sloan Screenplay Award via Columbia University
  • Winner: 2024 SFFILM Sloan Science in Cinema Fellowship
  • Nominee: 2023 Alfred P. Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize

29 Hour Famine - Short film, comedy, writer and director

When a devout teenager discovers evidence of someone eating at her church youth group’s annual fasting event, she goes to absurd lengths to catch the culprit.

  • Winner: 2023 Reel Sisters Microbudget Fellowship
  • Winner: 2023 Columbia University Chinh Chu Finishing Prize
  • Winner: 2024 Columbia University Film Festival Audience Award

Higher Power - TV pilot, comedy

When a fervently religious teenage girl moves in with her EDM-obsessed cousin for the summer, their personal conflicts threaten to spill out into an all-out war between their respective communities of "church Asians" and "rave Asians".

  • Official Selection: BRIC x Reel Sisters: Script to Screen: An Evening of Staged Readings
  • Finalist: 2023 CAPE New Writers Fellowship

Robbie Lee - TV Pilot, dark comedy, co-written with Anna Mikami

A childish mother and public face of a controversial anti-aging research company struggles to redeem herself in the eyes of her exasperated daughter.

  • Quarterfinalist: 2024 Moonshot Pilot Accelerator

Same Star Above Us - Short film, drama, co-written with Ke Liu

A Korean immigrant mother and a white teenage sex worker form an unlikely bond, embarking on a road trip together to escape their demons.

  • Finalist: Summer 2023 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards
  • Winner: 2024 Columbia University Film Festival Student Selects

Freeing Eurydice - Short film, sci-fi (in post-production), co-written with Jing Xie

A young woman grieving the death of her girlfriend attempts to find solace through an AI version of her.

  • Finalist: Spring 2023 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

Additional Completed Screenwriting Work

Chinese Christmas - Feature, comedy

A recently disgraced PhD student attempts to escape from her familial pressures by working at a local ski resort over Christmas, only for a viral discount to bring her entire Chinese-American hometown community into the same resort, including a particularly frustrating former childhood rival.

Historically Women - TV Pilot, comedy

An introverted trans-male student navigates life at a women's college with his three best friends, all while trying to come out of the shadow of his extroverted, boisterous sister.

Matched Up - Short Film, musical comedy (in post-production), co-written with Prashanth Sampathkumaran

On the eve of a family gathering, a young woman and her sister discover they have eerily similar boyfriends.

Fragments - Feature, horror

After finding evidence of his survival, a young woman is forced to enlist the help of her estranged foster sister to find her father, sixteen years after she was the only witness to his disappearance in the Pacific Northwest Cascades.